Cebu City

One of the few targets when we went to Cebu are to visit the beautiful churches of course, and the actual plan is to visit at least seven and then make a wish, but unfortunately since the weather was really bad when we went there we only visited two…

Basilica del Santo Niño



Magellan’s Cross
Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod


And of course why would we miss the Chinese temple right? though there are some parts there that we were not allowed to take pics which is odd for me, like it’s a tourist place right? well of course it should be a place thats’s somewhat sacred  but taking pictures? It’s not as if we were shouting and making noise and stuff like that.


Taoist Temple



Some of the pics are lost, dont know where they went though. These are just some that survived, it was a quick visit, also my first time there, planning to go to Bantayan island next time, it just makes me sad why this trip was so rainy, well maybe since there were really no plans to go to the beach the heavens maybe decided that it might as well rain then, more reasons not to fret since the weather was so bad hehehe.

Oh and yes there were no pics of me that I recovered except of this, taken outside the Calungsod Church. One of the most beautiful church that I have seen in my life.20160127_101947


So that’s all for this travel blogpost, k bye! :p

Cebu City

The Hidden Paradise of Talisay Beach in Quezon


It’s my second time to see the beauty of this paradise but still leaves me captivated every time. This unspoiled beach is found in Talisay, Quezon six to seven hours away from Manila. This beach is just known here by the locals and rarely being visited by tourists. I’m in awe of it’s beauty and you know how I love virgin beaches.


Very clear waters…







Will surely come back here next year. 🙂





The Hidden Paradise of Talisay Beach in Quezon

The Beauty of Puerto Galera

We stayed at Puerto Galera for two days and I was surprised that there wasn’t that much tourists, year after year this beach is known to be swarmed with people every summer, but maybe because we stayed there on weekdays but I don’t know. It was just odd. Not that I care of course, it seems better to go there with less people of course.

But you might notice this pictures look as if I stayed in a virgin beach with no people but me and the photographer.


The Beauty of Puerto Galera

Cagbalete Island, Quezon

So we went to Cagbalete island in Mauban, Quezon. From Cavite we left at exactly 4:00Am and went to the van terminal from Pala-pala to Lucena for 3 hours as the van left at around 4:30, so we arrived at the Grand Central Station in Lucena around 7:30AM. There are buses there going to Mauban every 30 minutes. The bus left around 8am so for 2 hours we traveled from Lucena to Mauban. Exactly 10:00AM we arrived at the port going to the island. Took us 45 mins on that boat ride to reach the island itself.

We stayed at Villa Noe resort. Here are some of the pics of the sandbar and of the beach.



The church


The sandbar


Sweetest dog ever.


Cagbalete Island, Quezon

Boracay 2014

This is a late post. BF and I went to Boracay last July as his birthday gift to me,it wasn’t a suprise though, but it was so sweet of him! ❤


Unfortunately, the weather was not friendly on those days. I have read somewhere that every July there are three typhoons that hits the Philippines, can you imagine three typhoons on the month of your birthday!!! how in heaven’s name can you freaking guess which date to celebrate your birthday without rain???? That’s crazy, right? so do you think going to the beach on July is the best idea? I don’t think so, but you can never go bored in Boracay of course. 🙂


Here are a few of the pictures of me:

lovely quick real sigh


Boracay 2014