Off to Boracay

Bought tickets for two to Boracay on my birthday with my Chi. I’m so excited and words just cannot say how childishly excited I am to go back to the most beautiful beach in the world. Can you honestly even blame me?


I was there last July 2011 with my family not exactly to celebrate my birthday but because they’ve booked the flight months before it. No one is even expecting we arrive there on that same month, but anyway my BF and i will be there on July so I am planning to make this super special not just for me but for him too.

When i say planning, that means something must happen so that nothing will get screwed up and because there are three more months, nothing is excused.

Aside from the accommodations that has not ‘yet’ been settled, (too early i guess) and because i wanted to really plan the hotel and stuffs like that with him of course, I can’t make plans by myself, but he’s too busy with work, it will all just be put to hold for now.

As for me, i want to go back to the gym though i feel like i don’t have to do it anymore i just want to. Even before we hit the beach… yes. It is highly important for my vanity lol. He even encourages me to run with him on his free hours which I think is a good thing, and it just feels nice to know that he’s now more on getting fit and healthy. Putting Gym – on my to do list. #^_^#

So as I was saying I was at this paradise beach, Boracay last July 2011.



All of this were taken two years ago!!

I’m exxxcited!! I’ll keep you posted. Ciao!

Off to Boracay

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