Our Bolinao Adventure

I love going to the beach!


The funny thing is I can’t swim but I love going to the beach. Feeling the sand on your feet as you hear the waves of the sea, how relaxing is that?

My BF and I went to Bolinao just this month after the holy week, yes it is not advisable to go to the beach on those peak days where people are everywhere! If you love crowded places then I think that will be a great idea! 😉

The sunset!!


The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse


Outside the Enchanted Cave I have seen a clowder of cats! Yes, I love cats!! and I have to take a picture of them, of course! 🙂


The Enchanted Cave, a nice place to swim, the water is quite cold and perfect for the summer if you prefer to hide from the heat of the sun.


The St. James Church, and because it is my first time to visit this church, I’ll have my seven wishes!! :p


So that’s our trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan. 😛

Our Bolinao Adventure

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