Goto? Anyone?

I live in Cavite so going to Tagaytay is not new to me, I can go there whenever my family or friends plan to just stay there for the day, pack food for lunch or merienda and just commute back home for just an hour to an hour and a half depending on the traffic. But there is just a single place I just love to go back and forth whenever I just feel like eating lugaw or goto, not that I eat meat or anything, coz I’m a veggie person but I love lugaw, of course.. with egg, especially on a rainy season like this.

They serve a really delicious goto here in this goto house in Tagaytay namely “All About Goto” well, my BF says so.. 🙂 But what I so love about this place is they serve the best fried tofu. Believe me, it will just match the lugaw/goto w/ or without egg whichever you prefer. A must try, I should say! and really cheap! 😛ImageImage

Lugaw with plain Tofu
Goto? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Goto? Anyone?

  1. Tal says:

    Hi Annie, thanks for the visit (to my site) and the comments. I’ve been to Tagaytay several times but I haven’t tried All About Goto yet, maybe next time. Thanks again anyway, see you around. 🙂

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