Are the Childless Necessarily Selfish

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The Childfree Life Time Magazine Cover

Selfish, decadent, irresponsible are just a few of the words sometimes used to describe those of us who have chosen not to have children. Oftentimes these charges are nothing more than a kneejerk reaction to an emerging lifestyle choice that is at odds with longstanding tradition. It’s common for such criticisms to be levied at people who buck convention. But that fact alone doesn’t prove the accusations untrue.

So when we saw that Time Magazine had titled this week’s cover story The Childfree Life, we hoped it might address these charges. And while the article takes a sympathetic stance regarding childless women, it ducks the central question. Are we and others like us selfish for not having children?

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Are the Childless Necessarily Selfish

One thought on “Are the Childless Necessarily Selfish

  1. Hello, Thank you for your “Like” of my blog post. As for not having children, it’s really a matter of choice and how you want to live. I would argue that it is selfish to bring children into the world without being able to provide them with them basic needs as per Maslows pyramid.

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