For our 2nd year anniversary we BF and I decided to go back to the beach, and this time it’s Bataan. Here are our pics:

We first visited the St. Joseph Church in Balanga


Right after we had our breakfast at one of the numerous fast food chains in Balanga, we went to the Mt. Samat shrine, as can notice in the pics, the weather is not kinda friendly, it was very foggy and it really reminder me of the Silent Hill movie which was kind of scary, because there were no other tourists at all when we were there.


Forgive me about the quality of the photo, all i can blame right now is the creepy fog in the background. lol

We weren’t able to take a picture of the giant cross as obviously… the weather wasn’t pretty nice with us. So we just took pictures at the Shrine.



Right after Mt. Samat we went to Westnuk beach…

The skies finally gave us a bit of sunshine in this late afternoon shot in the beach…

It was the most nakakapagod trip that we ever had. And going to the beach from Mt Samat was a bit of a challenge as we would need to ask the guards who were at the  jumpoff to westnuk to bring us there, as it’s not walking distance to the beach, thankfully it was really nice of them to bring us back and forth from and to the beach. It was a memorable experience though. 🙂


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