Cagbalete Island, Quezon

So we went to Cagbalete island in Mauban, Quezon. From Cavite we left at exactly 4:00Am and went to the van terminal from Pala-pala to Lucena for 3 hours as the van left at around 4:30, so we arrived at the Grand Central Station in Lucena around 7:30AM. There are buses there going to Mauban every 30 minutes. The bus left around 8am so for 2 hours we traveled from Lucena to Mauban. Exactly 10:00AM we arrived at the port going to the island. Took us 45 mins on that boat ride to reach the island itself.

We stayed at Villa Noe resort. Here are some of the pics of the sandbar and of the beach.



The church


The sandbar


Sweetest dog ever.


Cagbalete Island, Quezon

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