my 5 favorite beaches in the philippines

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the pauses between

it’s funny how we, filipinos, welcome the summer with much anticipation as if it isn’t perpetually summer year in and year out. well, save for the rainy days, that is. but still. other than a bit of midyear rain showers here and there, the weather is generally the tropical kind (when you’re not faced with a tropical storm). yep, think coconut trees and sandy beaches with warm wind blowing against your already-sunkissed cheeks.

the kind that i daydream about when i’m chillin’ in melbourne. like, literally.

now, understand that we have 7,107 islands — low tide. (during high tide, you’re looking at 7,100.) this list might not make a fair representation of the gorgeous beaches this archipelago has to offer but with april creeping in 2 days from now, allow me to share with you my favorite beaches here in the philippines (in no particular order). because, as far as…

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my 5 favorite beaches in the philippines