Boracay 2014

This is a late post. BF and I went to Boracay last July as his birthday gift to me,it wasn’t a suprise though, but it was so sweet of him! ❤


Unfortunately, the weather was not friendly on those days. I have read somewhere that every July there are three typhoons that hits the Philippines, can you imagine three typhoons on the month of your birthday!!! how in heaven’s name can you freaking guess which date to celebrate your birthday without rain???? That’s crazy, right? so do you think going to the beach on July is the best idea? I don’t think so, but you can never go bored in Boracay of course. 🙂


Here are a few of the pictures of me:

lovely quick real sigh


Boracay 2014

Boracay Escapade – Prelude



Travelgraphy travels from Haarlem to Amsterdam, to Singapore, and then to Boracay. All in a single day. No joke.

I was supposed to be having a 2-week date with the majestic land of Europe until I was seduced by the world-acclaimed Best Island, Boracay, for a 5D4N rendezvous. What a flirtatious me. 😉

Great thanks to the Philippine Department of Tourism and Tiger Airways, I’m going to experience some real solid beach life very soon! Some of the trip highlights include cliff diving, Zorb, helmet diving… So, stay tuned!


萬分感謝菲律賓旅遊局與虎航,他們是這次旅程背後勞苦功高的贊助商與導遊。單單看著行程表就已經讓人亢奮不已了 — 悬崖跳水、頭盔潛水、太空球(Zorbing),騎馬,等等等等。。。


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My Boracay Experience

So this is my second time in Boracay, I was there with my family last July 2011 and now I went back there with my BF this time, same month as before… my birthday month. :p


We bought plane tickets last March for ZestAir to Kalibo and ain’t it funny how we booked so early because we just decided to spend my birthday there for regular priced tickets! (we didn’t even avail the promos for some odd reason. :P) Then something happened a few days, just a few days before our flight, I have just found out that ZestAir and Air Asia had some negotiations regarding buying the airline or whatever I don’t care! I’ve checked the ZestAir website and what happened was, it automatically directed me to Air Asia and there I checked the date of our flight and holy molly! There it was, the hours of the flights changed and I have no idea what the friggin’ heck was happening, so I decided to call their hotline numbers and found out that the hours of our flights changed, they moved it to their last flights of the day and I was pissed that they didn’t even emailed, called or just text their customers about the changes. What might have happened if we checked in on what-is-supposed-to-be-our-scheduled-flight when we didn’t even know it was moved? I will be really very much upset. So good thing I checked it on their website and we managed to make the times of our flights the most convenient to us compared to the “new schedules” they gave us. Sigh. Very bad customer service I should say.


For two days and two nights we stayed at Tan’s Guesthouse yet again this was also the same place where me and my family stayed last time with a discount because of the rainy season (yes, it is so much cheaper in off peak seasons like this).

We went to Puka Shell Beach, and all I can say is, that is the most beautiful beach that I’ve seen in my life hehehe, no… seriously… It was indeed the most beautiful for me. The sand is not that pulverized compared to the main beach of Boracay but the spectacular view and it’s almost deserted… also compared to the main beach… if you want to go somewhere peaceful away from the loud music and partying and the crowded people,and you prefer to just enjoy the sunset, I would definitely have you try to visit this beach, it’s a bit far from the main beach, we traveled there via the tricycle for 150php for special trip.




The next day, BF and i really planned to try parasailing… for 2800php, we chose the Diamond parasailing, for some reason it’s called diamond maybe because the logo in the balloon is Superman’s logo is diamond, I don’t know heheh, it was a wild guess. 😛










That same day we tried the Buggy car to Mt. Luho for 800php. BF wants to try this so yeahh he drove us up to the mountain as I was just in the passenger seat 🙂 And when we reached the top most part of the Mt. Luho you will see the full view of the whole island in 360degrees. The entrance fee in Mt. Luho is 100php per head, it was breathtaking!



Again, that same day we looked for the Real Coffee & Tea Cafe for their famous calamansi muffin! It is located in Station 1 and is quite hidden along a narrow pathway so you better scan your eyes on the stores and restaurants.



The overpriced McDonalds.


The Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe


For an early evening stroll in the beach we decided to try the also famous Jonah’s Fruitshake and Restaurant. One word for my Banana Milk shake. “Heavenly.” A must try!



On our way home, we had a delayed flight back to MNL and i was surprised that BF bought me a cake for my birthday, so instead of being all pissed about having to wait for hours it was replaced by kilig and sweetness ehehhe.


So there goes my unforgettable vacation in Boracay. 😀

My Boracay Experience

Off to Boracay

Bought tickets for two to Boracay on my birthday with my Chi. I’m so excited and words just cannot say how childishly excited I am to go back to the most beautiful beach in the world. Can you honestly even blame me?


I was there last July 2011 with my family not exactly to celebrate my birthday but because they’ve booked the flight months before it. No one is even expecting we arrive there on that same month, but anyway my BF and i will be there on July so I am planning to make this super special not just for me but for him too.

When i say planning, that means something must happen so that nothing will get screwed up and because there are three more months, nothing is excused.

Aside from the accommodations that has not ‘yet’ been settled, (too early i guess) and because i wanted to really plan the hotel and stuffs like that with him of course, I can’t make plans by myself, but he’s too busy with work, it will all just be put to hold for now.

As for me, i want to go back to the gym though i feel like i don’t have to do it anymore i just want to. Even before we hit the beach… yes. It is highly important for my vanity lol. He even encourages me to run with him on his free hours which I think is a good thing, and it just feels nice to know that he’s now more on getting fit and healthy. Putting Gym – on my to do list. #^_^#

So as I was saying I was at this paradise beach, Boracay last July 2011.



All of this were taken two years ago!!

I’m exxxcited!! I’ll keep you posted. Ciao!

Off to Boracay