The Beauty of Puerto Galera

We stayed at Puerto Galera for two days and I was surprised that there wasn’t that much tourists, year after year this beach is known to be swarmed with people every summer, but maybe because we stayed there on weekdays but I don’t know. It was just odd. Not that I care of course, it seems better to go there with less people of course.

But you might notice this pictures look as if I stayed in a virgin beach with no people but me and the photographer.


The Beauty of Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera 2014

BF and I went to Puerto Galera last Friday, and because none of our ever so busy friends want to come, we ended up just being with each other again, Yay! Lol no I wasn’t being sarcastic. 🙂







And because it’s almost the end of Summer which is a bummer! (lol it ryhmes! haha!) we were not disappointed by the beauty of it. Always here yearly but never have I seen it this beautiful.

Puerto Galera 2014